The WBP understands that protecting your confidentiality is important!

All of the WBP staff have completed in-depth training to keep client information private & confidential. However, it is important for you to know that sometimes staff will have to break your confidentiality under certain conditions. These conditions apply to health care providers.

We have to follow the law, which means that sometimes we have to break confidentiality.

Before the WBP clinical staff can provide services to you, they must explain the limits of confidentiality.

Some examples of the limits of confidentiality are:

  • WBP staff assesses you and BELIEVES that you will seriously harm yourself or someone else, then we have a duty to report this. For example: we may need to call police or hospital, or contact family members or your family doctor.
  • You disclose to a WBP staff or they believe or suspect your actions constitute sexual abuse, physical abuse, or self-neglect/child neglect, then we must report the action(s) to the police or to the Ministry for Children and Family Development (MCFD).
  • You inform the WBP staff or another professional person that someone may have sexually abused you, physically abused you or neglected themselves and/or a child, then we must report.
  • You disclose to a WBP staff or they believe or suspect that you or someone else is sexually abusing, physically abusing, or neglecting a vulnerable adult, we have to report this action to the health authority. The health authority will investigate to make sure the vulnerable adult is safe from harm. What does the term “vulnerable adult” mean? It refers to a person that is unable to ask for help due to their limited ability. For example, a person who is mentally and/or physically challenged, such as a person diagnosed with Dementia.
  • You inform the WBP staff that another health professional is conducting services inappropriately, then the WBP staff may have to do something to protect the public by reporting.
  • There is a court order, the legal paper is called a “subpoena”. If the WBP receives a subpoena for information from your file, we must comply with the subpoena and provide all the information requested.

The Importance

It is also important for you to know that WBP clinical staff are responsible for your care and treatment and may sometimes need to discuss your situation with the clinical team for advice and feedback.

Why is this important? We, WBP, are responsible to make sure that you get the best services possible and are safe. The WBP clinical team are aware of how to keep your information confidential.

The WBP must keep records of your treatment and your progress. Only the staff who are involved in your care are permitted to read your file. Other WBP staff that do not work with you are forbidden to look into your file.

If you have any questions about these limits of confidentiality, then please ask WBP staff for clarification.