Most of the Well-Being Staff have introduced themselves, as per Deaf culture, to give a background on who they are and their job responsibilities in American Sign Language. The videos are captioned. Enjoy the Biographies!

Alison Nutt "Ali" (2014)

Clinical Supervisor

Headshot of Cecilia Tung

Cecilia Tung (2016)

Administrative Support & Website Content Assistant

Headshot of Elizabeth Dagg

Elizabeth Dagg (2019)

Mental Health Clinician

Felicia D’Amato (2016)

Mental Health Social Worker

Geo Mclean (2022)

Outreach Worker

Jeffrey Chow (2022)

Outreach Worker

Jennifer Munch (2018)


Headshot of Kathryn Jones

Kathryn Jones "Katie" (2018)

Mental Health Clinician

Kristen Pranzl (2014)

Program Coordinator

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