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The Deaf Well-Being Program (WBP) provides mental health services to Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind people throughout BC. Unfortunately, at this time, some of the services, such as therapy groups, are only accessible for those in the Lower Mainland area. The WBP provides services for individuals, couples, children, youth, and families.

The WBP is striving to adopt an “evidence based” approach in our service provisions. What does that mean? It is when you come to the WBP for help, during the assessment process, we carefully listen and then we figure out the best possible therapeutic approach shown by research study results to be effective for your needs. For example, research shows that Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an effective intervention for individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder. The WBP offers a DBT group as well as individual DBT therapy sessions.

It is important to understand that the WBP is responsible to make sure we provide the best possible service for you.

The services for all of BC include:

  • mental health counselling therapy
  • mental health and addictions appointments interpreting services
  • drug and/or alcohol addiction support
  • also, the WBP provides Mental Health Community Workshops in a variety of communities in BC such as Kelowna and Prince George.

The office is located in Burnaby. The Deaf Well-Being Program offers direct accessible mental health counseling services through ASL proficient clinical staff. WBP values confidentiality and understands that some clients are unable to come to our office due to mobility or other issues. WBP clinicians are often able to accommodate client visits in their homes or in the community. Well-Being Program counsellors can also support clients outside Vancouver area using Telehealth Videoconference.  The WBP’s goal is to provide direct ASL-fluent professional mental health services. Our staff are committed to professional and skill development to meet this goal.

The Well-Being Program offers three therapy Groups:

  1. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT): This group is for people struggling with Depression.
  2. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT): This group is for clients struggling with understanding and controlling their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.
  3. Anger Treatment Group: This group is for clients who are struggling with managing their anger.

The WBP is fortunate to have the services of a consulting psychiatrist who is familiar with Deaf culture and ASL. Our psychiatrist psychiatric consults as well as one to one therapy sessions. Psychiatric assessments help determine which is the best “Evidence Based Therapy” to offer an individual.

The Well-Being Program consulting psychiatrist provides clinical staff with training/consultation and assists with facilitating therapy groups.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact the office for an intake appointment.  Information will be gathered during the intake appointment. Further explanation about our services will be provided during the appointment and you will be referred to a service that best suits your needs.