April 2 – #3: How to Reduce Anxiety

How to talk with Kids Series – 3) How to Reduce Anxiety

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Today, I will share how you and your child reduce feelings of anxiety. I’ll share five tips that can alleviate some feelings of anxiety and stress in families:

  1. It is ok to talk about coronavirus with your child.
    Your child has possibly have received a lot of information about the coronavirus. Your child also has a lot of changes so that they may feel confused or do not understand. It is ok to give them answers. Your child will be informed once they know what is happening, and that will help with their anxiety.
  2. Talk to them at their appropriate/preferred conversational levels.
    Make sure that your conversations are appropriate, as it needs to match their thoughts and emotions. Let the child ask questions and express themselves. If you share too much information, they may be overwhelmed. Make sure that the child leads the conversation!
  3. Provide reassurance.
    Children need reassurance, which will reduce their anxiety. Tell your child that they are loved and safe. You also would need to explain how they can be safe. They will not get sick as long as they wash their hands and stay at home. That will reduce their anxiety.
  4. Stick to the routine.
    Make sure that the routine remains. Schedules and activities every day should be similar. This tip will help children go on with their days regularly and reduce their anxiety.
  5. Be there consistently.
    Make sure that your child knows that you’re there for them. Make sure that conversations regarding coronavirus continue. Check-in with yourself, and also make sure that your child is ok too. Make sure that everyone is ok. Everything will go on, and it will be ok.

March 26 – #2: Social Story Movie about COVID-19


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Social Story Movie about COVID-19 to share with kids


Hello! I’m sharing this social story, and you can use this story to have this discussion with your child. It’s a cool resource.

The Corona Virus and Me

Sometimes people get sick because of colds and flus.

Right now lots of people are getting sick because of the Corona Virus.

This means lots of people are staying at home with their families.

I might not go to school or daycare. My parents might not go to work.

This will keep everyone healthy.

If we do go outside, we have to be extra careful so that we don’t get sick.

Being careful means I will have to wash my hands more than usual. I should wash my hands for 30 seconds.

My parents will tell me when to stop or I can sing “happy birthday”. This will keep everyone healthy.

Being careful means I shouldn’t touch other people. Being careful means no high-5s or hand shakes right now.

This will keep everyone healthy.

If I want to say hello to someone, I can wave. Or smile. Or say “Hi! How are you?”

This will keep everyone healthy and let them know you are thinking of them.

Being careful means I have to stay away from other people when I’m in the grocery store, the park, or just walking.

I should listen to my parents when they say how far to stay away.

This will keep everyone healthy.

If I cough, it is important to cough into my elbow. Or I can wear a mask.

This will keep everyone healthy.

The Corona Virus makes some people feel lonely or scared.

It is ok to feel lonely or scared.

If I feel lonely or scared, I can hug my parents.

I can call my friends on the phone or computer.

I can play with my favourite toys.

If everyone is careful, we will all stay healthy.

March 24 – #1: “How to have a conversation with kids – what is COVID-19?”

How to talk with kids – what is COVID19?

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Today I will explain how parents a conversation with their children. I will give you some guidance and answer to the questions to provide an idea of what coronavirus is. This conversation will help children to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.
The first question. What is a coronavirus? It’s a virus, a new virus that quickly spreads.
What is a virus? It’s a tiny germ, smaller than you can imagine. The virus can’t live alone, as it needs the host to survive. Therefore that means the virus needs to enter our body and invade us to the point we become sick. Our bodies are overwhelmed with this virus because we are not used to this new virus. This virus has a crown, so it is a different kind of infection.
How and where do we get this virus? The virus is from China. This type of virus is usually from bats. However, this virus, it started in bats first then was passed onto a different animal, which, it was then passed onto humans. That’s how this virus began, and we get sick.
How do we know we have, or possibly sick with the coronavirus? Please understand that the doctors are not 100% sure about this virus yet. We do not understand this virus fully, but, some symptoms could show that we could possibly have coronavirus such as the runny nose, fever, cough, difficulty breathing. If you have those symptoms, please go ahead and contact your doctor. Your doctor will determine if you are sick with coronavirus, depending on their observation. If you are suspected that you are infected with coronavirus, you will get tested for coronavirus.
How to reduce sickness or avoid coronavirus? The best way to prevent this sickness is to wash your hands thoroughly and thoroughly for 20 seconds. Also, staying home, social distancing, putting yourself apart 2m/6ft from others, and self-isolation will reduce your chance of getting coronavirus.

In the next session, I will explain more about anxiety and how anxiety can be reduced. But yes, that’s how coronavirus exists and is happening in all different places and the world. Be safe.

Thank you. Bye.

March 23 – Intro to the Series, “How to have a conversation with kids about COVID-19?”

Intro to WBP series! This is about how to have a conversation with kids about anxiety, isolation and stress.


Hi everyone,

My name is Katie Jones, and I’m working as a mental health clinician here. I’m also a certified school psychologist here. I’m closely working with families and children.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the feelings of anxiety and stress are rising, which can be hard on families. We want you to know that we are here to support you. In light of the situation, I’ll be doing an anxiety series via ASL vlogs. In my anxiety series, I will explain how you can have those conversations with children and how your children to cope with anxiety, stress, and isolation. In meanwhile, I encourage that families and children utilize video chats with other loved ones and friends. I also recommend some activities such as watching ASL videos and stories, going for walks/bikes, playing educational/entertainment games, reading books, and spending time with families and children.

Please take care of yourself, and do not hesitate to contact us for further support. We’re here for you. You’re not alone.

Contact information:
Email: kristen.pranzl@vch.ca
Text/FaceTime 604-306-7633