There are a variety of different online resources for children, youths and parents to learn about mental health and supportive resources.

Listed below are a few websites that may be helpful. The list provided is not comprehensive, therefore if there is an area of information you are looking for and do not find, please feel free to contact us.

Child and Youth Resources

Buddy Project

Buddy Project is a non-profit movement that aims to prevent suicide and self-harm by pairing people as buddies and raising awareness for mental health. We will primarily focus on children, teens and young adults across the globe by providing positivity, companionship, resources and education, in order to reduce the stigma of mental illness, bullying and negativity on social media.

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Bullying and Cyberbullying by RCMP is created with all different resources for everyone from children to parents. This website explains the definition of bullying and cyberbullying, give different resources from assessment, videos, interactive learning tools. related resources and programs.

Kid’s Help Phone

Kid’s Help Phone provides online chat counselling and over the phone counselling support and answers to many kinds of questions. This website has information topics for all kinds of questions! Emotional well-being, family problems, sexual health and relationships, bullying, and LGBTQ topics.


Foundry is a website where to find information on different areas of challenge you or many youth may face – including videos that are captioned. The website has some “quizzes” you can take to help decide if connecting with a counsellor would be helpful for you as well as self-care resources like apps and games. Also find information for helping friends who might be struggling with how they are feeling.

Mind Your Mind

Mind Your Mind is a website designed for youth age 14-24 to explore resources, connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges and to get “unstuck.” There are blogs, interactive games, and lists of resources to connect with to support yourself or someone you know or care about.

Youth Anxiety BC

Youth Anxiety BC is a page promoted to wellness, and taking control of your anxiety. The page offers several sections where you can learn calming techniques like visualizations, deep breathing, or mindfulness. There are descriptions of anxiety, why it happens, what to do with it, and where to go for help. There are also pages focusing on facing fears, health habits, and an info section of common problems for those experiencing anxiety.

Youth in BC

Youth in BC has online chat and over the phone support for crisis support. You can find information about a number of topics that affect many youth or problems you may be experiencing such as alcohol or drug abuse, eating disorders, affects of stress and bullying.


Youthline is a website based in Ontario that offers text or chat room support for LGBTTQQ2I youth that are looking for support with their identity, coming out or other issues that youth face. It is staffed by young queer folk who offer a wide range of experience and have been trained to support other youth who are facing challenges.